Here is our final work with two beautiful sisters Shima and Shadan ! It was a pleasure to work with her.

Non stop working !

What have we done since 5 months ? Well we've been working in design, in project management and of course we have made pictures ! Elena worked on her own project with our two beautiful sisters Shima & Shadan, and we will let you have a look at this work as soon as Elena will finish her psychology final exams ;) We also have been working on another project around gaming and imagination, but ... it's a surprise ! Sun is back here and it's cool !

FFTP work for ML Opticien

Hey there check out our last work for ML Opticien, we were so glad to work with Marc Lepori and Vent Violent for a new optician's store. Here you can find so interesting products for your eyes! Have a look ;)