Whales' song

It's about what you've got inside yourself. The foolish that we hide and we are afraid of. Maybe the true us, maybe that thing that is able to make us move ahead. Something we call sometimes our instinct. maybe we live in a cage we have build with our hands. The cage that make us suffer and we have to break free. It's about a personnal truth.

A Maiden and birds

The main purpose of this project was combination of photographies (Hélène Vinni) and illustrations (Mellotron)... the feelings of a photographer and the feelings of an illustrator... two different views on one subject... two different impressions from the day of shooting...

"I let my birds go…from the tips of my fingers…Through my watercolours and emotional charge…into lines, colours and white sheets…and I start to breathe…"

"Make a nest for a bird in your heart and let it grow… When fledged, in the blue sky let it go… To come back as Happiness." Mellotron