Working with us

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We always work better with the right tools.

FFTP can provide you with all the right tools to support you in creating a visual identity which corresponds the most to you, wether for your own personal image, your corporate communication, your products or even your premises.

Today more than ever, every image has it’s importance, as a vector of meaning and witness to quality and the perception the public creates of a person, product or business. To neglect this, is to actively deprive oneself of precisely that which will differentiate your project from others.

To work with us, is be assured of working with professionals who apply proven project management methods to their respective domains of competence, namely image and graphics.

  • Project management :
      • Contact
No project will begin without an initial discussion. The human aspect is our central preoccupation, in order to understand you, your environment and your products is our common starting point.
    • Requirements definition :
Any project, whether photographic or graphic begins with a clear expression of requirement. We spend the time we need to accompany you in expressing each requirement in order to define the scope of our intervention. This will save you from unpleasant surprises and allows us to make clear proposals without hidden costs.
    • Support and tracking :
Always a source of proposition, we offer several alternatives for the implementation projects.

We will accompany you from project start to finish with clear milestones and project reporting. For more complex projects you receive a review of all project actions and working meetings. In a nutshell, you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

On-time delivery: We love punctuality, and your files will be delivered to a contractually agreed deadline. That’s our commitment.

  • Services :
      • Photography :
    We provide any and all photographic service, from portrait work to packshots, editorials, architecture shoots or photo documentaries.
We deliver quality images and are very attached to this. We control the entire post-production chain and do not outsource anything.

We offer artistic and marketing advice to get the best out of your image.
    • Graphical design :
Complete creation of your visual identity (logo, graphic branding, business cards, letterhead).

Creation of all types of brochure, poster and publication.

Customer support up to file delivery to your publisher.

And finally, and surely the key to everything , we respect our customers and that's surely why they respect us too !

Benedyct & Elena